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And Say Goodbye.

To the typical solo ad experience.

Hey, my name is Jan Brzeski and I am a solo ad veteran. Having been in the industry for over 3 years, I've seen everything... from the good, to the bad and ugly.

Listen, since you're on this page you probably have at least some kind of an understanding of what solo ad traffic is - traffic (clicks) generated by sending emails to a subscriber list.

And although technically what you will be receiving once you order at JB Marketing is indeed a solo ad, it will be a whole different beast altogether.

First of all, JBMarketing is the first and only traffic agency to offer Power Presell Technology ©, a system and technique of delivering traffic that nobody else uses. It allows us to deliver the most laser-targetted leads to your squeeze page, resulting in insanely high opt-in rates (75-90%) and sales. More on this later.

Secondly, once you order, you will be confident and certain, knowing that you're in good, caring hands - you will be constantly up-to-date with how your solo ad is going, when will it start, what type of traffic you will receive etc.

I am always ready to help, just one message away.

Third, you will receive clicks coming from fresh subscribers, with 100% of the traffic coming from people in tier 1 countries (the 'rich English speaking countries', that's the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and of course, the UK)...

... so you can score more sales and get a higher return on investment.

Finally, for me you're not just 'another order'.

We treat clients to a truly world-class experience. From support with optimizing your landing pages and funnel, to extremely valuable bonuses and of course a massive overdelivery you know you're in for a treat.

Together with the whole team at JB Marketing I invite you to quickly check out the testimonials below (these are all screenshots from live posts in Facebook 'Solo Ads Testimonials' groups) and then, once you're ready, choose a package and order.

Also, do make sure to find out what our Power Presell Technology © is all about!

We invite you to learn all about JBMarketing on this page. To make it easier, please use the menu button in the top right hand corner or click any of the following:

Wonder Why My Clients Ordered Over 1.000.000 Clicks Over The Last 3 Years?

JP Maroney - 25,000 Clicks/Week Buyer, Now CEO of $100mln Fund Harbor City Capital Reveals:

Joel Straight - CEO & Founder at Traffic Genie Confirms That...

"Always puts his customers first... One of the BEST"

"Opt-in Rate: 58.1% (...) model for what quality should be"

"Awesome as usual... 7k clicks and maintains 50% optin!"

"6 FRONT END sales from a 400 click order!"

"Jan Brzeski's clicks ROCK... Superb Quality"

"Your solos give this industry a good name"

"The numbers speak for themselves. Comments as well."

"65.5% Opt-in Rate (...) And A Sale From 100 Clicks!"

"GOLD! These are JAW DROPPING results!"

"Phenomenal opt-in rate of 54%... Ordered 2000, Got 2300"

198 Red-Hot Subscribers "On the House"... 65.8% Optin Rate!

"Sales: YES! | 348 FREE clicks: YES! | 55.7% Optin: YES!"

"Delivers fast, great opt-ins, responsive leads..."

"Super Speedy Delivery & Great Optin!"

Our Traffic Works Surprisingly Well With All Of The Below:

About Our Power Presell Technology ©

We take great pride in being one of the most innovative email marketing traffic agencies in the world and our Power Presell Technology is solid proof of that. It's also one of those things that makes us completely different than the rest.

You're probably wondering what this whole Power Presell Technology is all about? It's quite simple to explain, but not so simple to execute successfully (and frankly, costs us a lot!)

Basically, what we do is we have a 2 step filtering process, which results in you receiving only those leads that are interested in your specific offer.

For example, if your landing page is advertising "how to make $500/month in under 30 days for just $1", all the visitors that we send to your page will know about that before they land on your page.

And they won't just know about it, they will be interested in that specific offer and have already committed to it!

Here's a brief overview of our 2-step filtering process:

  1. We filter traffic with custom-tailored email swipes, so that only people interested in your type of offer click our links. However...
  2. We take it a step further and design a custom presell page just for YOU. The traffic must go through that page (and essentially 'commit' to your offer) before they get to your landing page.

What this means for you:

  • Unbelievably laser-targetted traffic which allows you to achieve a 70-90% opt-in rate, getting you twice the results you'd normally get, from the same amount of traffic.
  • 100% of your leads are professionally pre-sold buyers, which result in far more sales (both front end and back end).
  • You build a list that's far more responsive to your emails and offers, which makes you more money long-term (this is the best long-term investment you can make!)

Who Are Our Subscribers?

No offer will perform well unless it is put infront of the right audience - that's a well known marketing fact.

That's why we at JBMarketing have conducted lengthy research on who are our subscribers, allowing you to decide based on facts if we're a good fit as traffic providers for your product or program.

Based on our research, our audience is:

  • Approximately 50/50 male vs. female
  • In general, women on our list are younger than men
  • The vast majority of our subscribers are baby boomers (which is great news for you - that's the audience which is most interested in a new online income and has the funds required)
  • Our top 3 'lifestyle' groups are: "Raising Grandkids", "Apple Pie Families" (middle income families with school age children) and "Urban Tenants" (singles in their early 50s)

Age & Gender:



Relationship Status & Education Level:


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Awaiting Your Success Story Which We'll Create Together,

Jan Brzeski

Jan Brzeski


PS. If you have ANY questions whatsoever, just Contact Me and we'll get everything clarified as soon as possible. I am here to help, just one message away. The best way to contact me is via FaceBook (click) or by sending me an email to BRZESKIJANEK@gmail.com (we use Gmail to avoid deliverability issues).

Alternatively, add me & message on WhatsApp: +48 784088380

P.P.S. You might have purchased solo ads before and you certainly have purchased something (a service, product, whatever) in the past. However, if this is your first order from JB Marketing, you're in for a customer service treat.

I am extremely excited and dedicated to give you the BEST customer experience ever. Guaranteed. Working with me, you can expect to be always informed on what's going on, how your order is going and I'll be more than happy to help you optimize so you can get the best results possible.

P.P.P.S. For billing purposes, the physical address of JBMarketing is:

Bronowicka 42/39 30-091 Krakow Poland